Pat’s 3 Ps of Performance

The 3 Ps of business have long been common knowledge and seems like now there are 3 Ps of just about everything out there.  I’m going to up the ante on this P game though and talk about the 3 Ps of a 4th P.  We’ll throw my name in there too so we get to 5 Ps, why not?  Pat’s 3 Ps of Performance.  Ok, my name really has nothing to do with it, but I fell in love with alliteration in junior high english class so this is what you get.  I really like to think of this concept as an equation too, performance being the summation of the other 3 Ps. 

Purpose + Process + Presence = Performance
Everyone wants performance.  Everyone wants to run fast, jump high, summit the mountain, log the FKT, etc.  But the other three other ‘Ps’ crucial to executing such performance are all a challenge in and of themselves, let alone to keep on top of simultaneously.  If you can’t know your purpose, define and value the process, and stay present throughout……..that 4th P will remain pretty damn elusive.  In subsequent posts I’ll break down each P in detail.

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