One time seminars or multi-session courses for coaches and athletes.

Coaching for Coaches

Designed specifically for other coaches.  Learn all about various aspects of Coach Pat’s philosophy and training structure directly from him.  These are dialogue based and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, these are NOT generic  scripted presentations!  You can register for specific topics or bundle them all into one full course.  Topics include:  Stress and Recovery, Coaching the Athlete not the Event, Strength Training, High Intensity Sessions, Speed Development/Mechanics, Race Execution, and Team Culture/Environment. 

Cost is $50 per class, or $300 for the whole course.  All can be done remotely in a virtual format.

Classes for Athletes

These are formulated for athletes.  A single clinic is usually about ninety minutes and again, can be done online with video conferencing with Coach Pat.  Topics include: Injury Prevention, Goal Setting, The Value of Recovery, and Mental Performance.

Cost is $50 per class or $150 for the whole course. All can be done remotely in a virtual format.