Sal Mountain Mentorship Camp

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Sal Mountain Mentorship camp!  This camp is for high school girls entering their sophomore, junior or senior year, and will be held June 28 – July 2 in Salmon, Idaho.  We will provide these young women the opportunity to spend time running, in discussion, and in recreation with some of our elite female athletes in a mountain setting on our property at the base of Sal Mountain.  We know the world of distance running presents some serious challenges to young women.  We want to help them navigate their journey positively by offering the mentorship of women who have faced those challenges and come out on the other side strong, healthy, balanced, and plenty successful on and off the track.

Our Staff

Dana Klein – Camp Director & Mentor

  • Undergrad – Yale
  • Graduate – University of San Francisco
  • 2019 NCAA National Qualifier¬†
  • 2021 US Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • Donor Relations Coordinator

Meredith Rizzo – Mentor

  • Undergrad – Yale
  • Graduate – Georgetown
  • 2021 US Olympic Trials Qualifier
  • Marketing Manager

Anna Holdiman – Mentor 

  • Undergrad – Boise State
  • Graduate – Texas
  • 2019 US Championships Finalist
  • Medical Speech Language Pathologist

Lizzie Bird – Featured Guest Speaker

  • Undergrad – Princeton
  • Graduate – University of San Francisco
  • 2021 Olympic Games Finalist¬†
  • British national record holder in steeplechase
  • Law school student

Coach Pat McCurry – Camp Director & Host

  • 20+ years coaching collegiately & post-collegiately
  • 17 US Championship / Olympic Trials Qualifiers
  • 4 World Championship / Olympic Games Qualifiers

We want to keep this camp small to enhance the mentorship aspect.  We will select 12-15 athletes through our application process. This will keep our mentor to athlete ratio at 1 to 5 or better to ensure all campers get substantial interaction with our mentors.  We will evaluate applicants on application responses, personal interview, and coach’s recommendation.  We will prioritize balancing out our group across varied high school teams.  Review of applications will begin February 1st and we will begin officially inviting campers shortly after that so interested athletes should apply ASAP. 

Link to the application

Example Camp Day

7 am - wake up
8 am - breakfast
9 am - run
12pm - lunch
1 pm - afternoon seminar
2 pm - breakout discussion
3 pm - activity (like rafting!)
6 pm - dinner
7 pm - evening seminar
9 pm - lights out

Why Sal Mountain?  

Sal Mountain serves as the backdrop of Idaho Afoot’s home base.  From a distance this mountain appears quite gentle in topography, especially in comparison to its neighbors.  However, if you are to venture onto Sal’s slopes you will soon find the terrain much more challenging than it appeared.  After a relatively easy start the pitch grows steep and the footing deteriorates to crumbling loose rock at nearly every step.  We find this akin to the journey of many young women in distance running.  We want to help prepare these athletes for challenges and pitfalls that lie ahead before they encounter them.  The journey is always tougher than it looks from the base of the mountain, especially Sal Mountain.

Covid Protocol

Proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test within 5 days of camp will be required.  We may amend this protocol depending on the state of the pandemic in June.


$600 per camper.  Fully inclusive (meals, lodging, seminars, camp merch, etc.)  Only outside cost would be transportation to and from Salmon, Idaho. We will work to provide shuttling from the nearest airports (Missoula, MT / Idaho Falls / Pocatello) to accommodate campers from outside the region.

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