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“Pat’s training focuses both on an athlete’s engine and chassis and he has a strong working relationship with Mike Devitt at Focus Physical Therapy. Pat is a great guy and is always a quick text away. I am excited to be exploring my athletic potential under Pat’s guidance.”

Josh Rees-Jones, CA

current athlete

“For the first time I trust my coach completely, and believe in my running because of it. Pat’s approach has given me confidence to be patient and be successful in my own way. He has really helped me grow as an athlete.”

Liz Lagoy, UT

2:37 marathoner

“Under the guidance of coach Pat I was able to PR by 9 minutes in the marathon!  His personalized training plans and race strategy took me to the next level that I never was able to achieve during the decade plus I trained on my own.”

Tom Wille, NM


“As a professional athlete, my strength work under coach Pat is indispensable. Each activation, drill, and weight routine has purpose. His routines give me more confidence and knowledge to ensure my body can keep up with my engine.”


Emily Hawgood

professional trail athlete

“Pat embodies a growth mindset and instills the same in his athletes. He took on the challenge of coaching me through my first pregnancy and postpartum with excitement. Ultimately, his greatest asset as a coach is caring about the athlete as a person first.”

Marisa Howard, ID

Pan Am Games Silver medalist

“I wouldn’t be able to call myself a world championship qualifier if it weren’t for Pat’s coaching.”

Lizzie Bird, UK

World Championship Qualifier

“Coach Pat has a way of taking your weaknesses and turning them into your strengths….without you even realizing it.  Plus he always jokes around, wears a cowboy hat at meets, and calls me Granna Anna.”

Anna McDonald, WI

US Championship qualifier

“I’ve had coaches that were good with the Xs and Os, others who were great with the social / emotional piece, and others who really understood sport psychology. Pat is amazing at all of it! At 41 I’m still setting PRs and enjoying the process more than ever, thanks to Pat.”


Jake Stout

masters athlete

“Pat has it all worked out…..he has the experience, a serious approach, a successful strategy, and attention to detail.  Now I do all the things I always knew I needed to include in training, and I’m stronger and faster.”

Ruby Ghadially, CA

masters miler

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