Mid D Ranch

Our Home Base

Sitting at 5,000 feet just outside of Salmon, Idaho our property is ideally located for an array of mountain adventures, altitude training for endurance athletes, and relaxing mountain solitude.  We are a few minutes from the world famous Salmon River.  Within a short drive we can be in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, the largest designated wilderness in the lower 48.   Also easily in reach are the Lost River, Lemhi, Beaverhead, and Salmon River mountain ranges with all the gems they hold like breathtaking alpine lakes and sheer awe inspiring peaks.  The variety of trails in the area give us the ability to pick the ideal surface for each training session. National Forest land starts 30 yards from our back door and we stare across the Salmon River canyon at the sunset every night.  

Why ‘Mid D’?  Coaching middle distance runners has been a primary focus in my coaching career, and for years on long plane, bus, or van trips I would tell my athletes my dream was to buy a ranch in the mountains just to train middle distance athletes there.  Probably mostly a subconscious response from me just yearning for the mountains when stuck on another damn plane.  This became a bit of a running (no pun intended) joke among many of my athletes and they had fun imagining the notion.  That is certainly not exactly what we are doing with our property, but it seemed related, funny, and fitting so we went with it.  The mythical Mid D Ranch has come to fruition! 

As of June 2022 we are an officially licensed outfitter by the state of Idaho. We look forward to sharing this amazing area with more folks in the future as we work with our federal land managers on permitting.