The Inconvenience of Connection

This past weekend our seven-month-old daughter Merriam got to meet her Great Uncle Pat, whom I was named after, for the first time.  They gazed into each other’s eyes, and she reacted to his voice with great curiosity.  Those of us watching were pulled into the moment, as these two humans separated in time byContinue reading “The Inconvenience of Connection”

Person > Athlete > Runner > ?????

There is an order I try to view everyone I coach from……person first, athlete second, runner third, specific event focus (miler, steeplechaser, marathoner, etc.) fourth.  The same approach works for any sport really: person, athlete, basketball player, guard for example.  It even works for non-athletic endeavors:  person, artist, musician, guitar player.  I also think ofContinue reading “Person > Athlete > Runner > ?????”