Process – Define it, Value it

Now that we’ve established Purpose, we move on to the second of Pat’s 3Ps of Performance – Process.  If you ask any athlete I’ve coached over the years for one word that they remember from me, a high percentage would likely answer ‘process.’   This has been central to my approach for twenty years now, andContinue reading “Process – Define it, Value it”

Purpose – the What and the Why

How do we define the first of Pat’s 3 Ps of performance?  I think there are really two key steps to defining purpose.  The first one is pretty simple, and that is just to set an outcome goal.  This is your what.  For some this might be ‘to qualify for the Olympic Trials’ or forContinue reading “Purpose – the What and the Why”

Message from Coach Pat

I’ve spent the last twenty years of my professional life coaching track & field, and pretty much every other waking moment adventuring afoot across the public lands of Idaho.  Idaho Afoot is the marriage of those two things.  On a quiet solo hike in the winter of 2020, I experienced a moment of extraordinary clarityContinue reading “Message from Coach Pat”